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Rank Your Website

Rank Your Website

Every webmaster and internet marketer will tell you that your number one goal should be to rank your website.  Basically, your marketing efforts should geared to increase website traffic and drive more targeted traffic to your website.  While there are many parts to on page SEO (search engine optimization) you need to focus your energies on increasing the traffic to your website.


When marketers discuss the need to rank your website they are talking about how your site ranks with the major search engines.  While Google is the king of the hill as far as search engines go, there are thousands of other search engines on the web and 90% of web activity starts with a search request.  If your website isn’t listed on the first or second pages of the search engine you will be all but invisible to the visitors that you need to make your website or blog successful.

rank your website

On Page SEO

On page SEO is a great starting place in your efforts to increase website traffic.  You will need to make yourself familiar with basic search engine optimization techniques but the core concept of SEO is building quality backlinks to your site from high page ranked (PR) sites, along with posting current, relevant information and focusing on the keywords for your niche.  While this may sound confusing and complicated it is necessary for the success of your website.  You can set up a marketing plan that covers content, linking, keywords and promotion and you will have a good starting point for your internet marketing efforts.

 How To Promote A Website

How to promote a website is the next question asked by most internet marketers and you are faced with a wide variety of options that can help you answer this basic question.  Promoting you site can mean posting comments on related blogs, buying ads on relevant sites, writing quality content and posting it on web 2.0 sites and other basic promotional ideas.  Promoting your website is specialized and it is in your best interests to join forums like Warrior Forum to get ideas from other marketers.  No one person can tell you the one and only way to manage your site, you need to look at a lot of options and choose the ones that make sense to you.


Part of your efforts to rank your webpage need to be done by you but some can be done by others.  Fiverr has quite a few listings for SEO services and there are plenty of excellent SEO websites that will help you with some of the more tedious details.  Don’t pick the seemingly easy way of buying backlinks, most of them are worthless and Google may penalize you.  Be patient, create good-quality content and be active with web 2.0 site such as Facebook and you will see steady results in your efforts to rank your website.

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